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Żyły 4x2x0.26mm²/7AWG cat. 6     

Średnica zewnętrzna kabla 6.8mm     

Wysoka jakość miedzi OFC 99,96%

Miedziany ekran w oplocie krzyżowym


Kabel przeznaczony do wszelkich urządzeń w których istnieje potrzeba połączenia za pomocą wtyku RJ45.

  • impact strength and flexibility, both at low and room temperatures
  • good cable flexibility
  • matte coating eliminating the effect of light reflection
  • design facilitating the separation of wires


Professional, flexible, single-pair cable with a cross-section of 0.25mm². Intended for digital network communication, e.g. in lighting systems, stage effect control systems. The double shield of the DMX cable made in the form of a mesh braid and AL / PET foil with an additional grounding conductor improves the protection of the transmitted signals against the influence of an external electromagnetic field. Dedicated to professional and studio use. Matt outer coating eliminates the effect of light reflection. Cables classified in accordance with PN-EN 50575 (CPR).


Conductors: tinned copper multiwire (cable structure 8x0.20)

Insulation: PE polyethylene

Core marking: white, red

Center: parallel twisted cores

Screen: metallized foil, tinned copper earthing conductor, tinned copper braid, with a covering density of min. 85%

Coating: special PVC blend

Shell color: matt black


Working temperature:

permanent installations: -30 ° C to 80 ° C

mobile installations: -5 ° C to 80 ° C

Minimum installation temperature: -5 ° C

Capacity (at 1kHz):

Core / Core: ≤ 60nF / km

Core / Screen: ≤ 115nF / km

Impedance: 110Ω ± 10

Minimum insulation resistance: 1GΩxkm

Minimum bending radius: 5xØ (Ø - cable diameter)

Diameter: 6mm

Technical data:

Flexible, single-pair cable in polyurethane sheath for transmission of digital signals

DMX - 2 x 0,25mm²

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