What we do

A Red’s Music company is specialized in production of professional music cables. For over a dozen years we enjoy huge popularity among consumers, who sincerely recommend our products. The Company has gained many admirers in Poland and abroad, due to professional attitude to cable manufacturing – the gear is solid and supreme quality as evidenced by its construction and high quality of sound without noise. We put a big attention to details, as we know that our involvement is the key to our success on musical gear market.


hand made
Our advantage is that our cables are handmade in Poland, and each of them is tested, which gives the 100% efficiency in connections. Every cable has a protection of breaking. Soldering has been made with proof of integrity of wire and connector.
high quality materials
Soldering is done with lead-free tin with additional copper and silver. The wire whis is made from oxygene-free copper which prevents the corrosion. A very sturdy, elastic polymer, jacket is creep resistant.
smart solutions
3 meter long cables are featured with velcro wire-tie for easier storaging ang exploatation. We also make a special orders, trying to adapt to demads of our clients.

What we offer?

The most demanding clients should be pleased, that we have versatile offer of cables, bulk wires, plugs, adaptors and sockets.
We offer:

  • Instrumental cables (ECONOMIC, STANDARD, STUDIO series)
  • Microphone cables (STANDARD, STUDIO series)
  • MIDI cables
  • DMX cables
  • Speaker cables
  • Audio cables
  • Connectors such as Jack, XLR, MIDI, speaker type
  • Adaptors
  • Sockets