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Paweł Mąciwoda

Paweł Mąciwoda

Member of the SCORPIONS group

When building my Stir up Studio, I decided to use the accessories of the Polish company Red's Music for comprehensive wiring. The quality of the plugs, sockets, microphone and instrument cables is absolutely top-class. Red's Music has produced cables that work great both on stage and in studio conditions. I would recommend!

Mietek Jurecki

Mietek Jurecki

Multi-instrumentalist, Budka Suflera

I can honestly recommend Red's Music guitar cables. They are legible, do not introduce additional interference, are resistant to the hardships of long-term use and ensure that they will not give up during the concert. Depending on the type of cable on high-end apparatus, we can hear their sonic nuances. Of course, I have many other cables and they also have their advantages, but recently I played almost all the concerts using "Red's Music" cables and I will also play their next concerts using their professional features.

Krzysztof KMIETA Kmiecik

Krzysztof KMIETA Kmiecik


The Red's cable transmits 100% of what comes out of the instrument. It is about a harmonic and full range, which can be heard in the recording. Full satisfaction with the sound!

Marcin SAKU Saktura

Marcin SAKU Saktura

Producer, musician, owner of the SAKU ART PRODUCTION studio

RED'S MUSIC cables are in a class of their own. Starting from the smallest details of workmanship, excellent components, interesting design, through readability and clarity of sound - these are cables that are must-have! That's why I equipped my SAKU ART PRODUCTION studio with these cables :)

Aleksandra Szmeja

Aleksandra Szmeja "Alex S"

Guitar youtuber

She is the Red's Music cables player for several years. Alex S plays a heavy metal style, she publishes covers on YouTube, also testing equipment, and is currently working on his own material for 1st album.

Jakub Leciej

Kuba Leciej

Guitarist, composer, teacher - CANDIDA

When I received the package with the ordered cable, I was amazed! Cable made with surgical precision, marked and ready to work with the Fractal AX + Voes Board set. Two wires embedded in one braid mean that there is no mess with cables, but mega efficiently and easy taking the cable from the case - and it's DONE! Mega professional service! Thank you Red's Music! Absolute respect for your commitment to making our dreams come true :) Regards

Grzegorz Kabasa

Grzegorz Kabasa

Guitarist, composer, journalist, project creator BREMENN

The last thing I want to deal with while working, whether in the studio or on stage, are... broken cables. Making the art, your head is overcome with more important matters than the unexpected troubles with poor cables. If something crackles, something simply annoys. To avoid unnecessary confusion, I focus on reliability. Finally, for this reason I decided to use Red's Music cables. A solidly made, professional product. I plug it in and everything is fine. I have no reason to worry about, Red's Music cables work well in every situation. Professional cables and you do not need to sell your home to buy them. It's good and that's what music is all about!


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