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DMX - 100  Dmx cable 110Ω 2 x 0,25mm²

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Working temperature: -25°C do 65°C (fixed installations) /
-5°C do 65°C (mobile installations)
Minimum laying temperature: -5°C
Capacity (1kHz): conductor-shield: ≤115nF/km / conductor-conductor: ≤60nF/km
Impedance: 110Ω ±10Ω
Conductor resistance: 79,0Ω/km DC
Shield resistance: 15,6Ω/km DC
Insulation resistance: >1,0GΩ/km
Minimum bending radius: 30mm - 5xØ (Ø - outside diameter)
Outside diameter: approximately 6,0mm
Weight: approximately 48kg/km

Technical data:

Cores: tinned copper stranded 2x0,25mm²
Shield: tinned copper stranded (mesh braid - coverage ≥85%) and aluminum foil with grounding strand
Filling: -
Core insulation: PE - white, red
Jacket insulation: PVC - black

Cable construction:

Professional dmx cable with single pair, screened mesh braid and aluminum foil with grounding cable. Cable in a flexible PVC jacket that reduces light reflection effects. Dedicated to fixed and mobile applications in stage and studio, multimedia and lighting installations, digital communication and control systems.

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