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MIC - 099 (STANDARD) - 2 x 0.21mm²

Flexible, crossover microphone cable

Technical data:

Working temperature:

permanent installations: -30 ° C to 70 ° C

mobile installations: -5 ° C to 70 ° C

Minimum installation temperature: -5 ° C

Capacity (at 1kHz):

Core / Core: ≤ 80nF / km

Core / Screen: ≤ 150nF / km

Minimum insulation resistance: 1.0GΩxkm

Minimum bending radius: 5xØ (Ø - cable diameter)

Diameter: 3.3mm


Conductors: multi-strand copper (cable structure 26x0.1)

Insulation: PE polyethylene

Core designation: red, natural

Center: parallel twisted cores

Screen: metallized foil with a tinned copper grounding wire

Coating: special PVC mixture, self-extinguishing and non-flame spreading according to EN 60332-1

Shell color: matt black


A flexible, patch microphone cable designed to transmit analog signals, with a conductor cross-section of 0.21mm² and a shield made of metallized foil and a grounding wire made of tinned copper. Dedicated to professional and studio use. Matt outer coating eliminates the effect of light reflection. Cables classified in accordance with PN-EN 50575 (CPR).


  • impact strength and flexibility at both low and room temperatures
  • good cable flexibility
  • matte coating eliminating the effect of light reflection


Żyły 4x2x0.26mm²/7AWG cat. 6     

Średnica zewnętrzna kabla 6.8mm     

Wysoka jakość miedzi OFC 99,96%

Miedziany ekran w oplocie krzyżowym


Kabel przeznaczony do wszelkich urządzeń w których istnieje potrzeba połączenia za pomocą wtyku RJ45.

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