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RED'S MUSIC cable test on the channel ksantyp77


Every sound engineer, engineer or technician working in a recording studio later discovers the importance of cabling. Apparently everything is ok, as if our cables are nice and functional, and even hand-made, we do not believe in voodoo audio, but when we do not know why our signal is not quite as it should be, when all obstacles in the studio are eliminated, then we take it behind the microphone cables. Maybe there is a buried sound somewhere?

Red's Music microphone cables test on the website INFOSOUND.PL

Each recording studio has a whole bunch of different types of wires and cables, however, the sound engineers have their own preferences and usually reach for their favorite cable. And so, when I record a guitar, I usually take VOVOX, and when the keys are recorded, I use a pair of cables of the same length, GEORGE L'S. It is nothing that 20 other good quality instrument cables hang from the wall, I always reach for the above. Do you have that too?

Test of Polish Red's Music cables on the website INFOMUSIC.PL

Opinions and Tests

"When building my Stir up Studio, I decided to use the accessories of the Polish company Red's Music for comprehensive wiring.


The quality of the plugs, sockets, microphone and instrument cables is absolutely top-class.


Red's Music has produced cables that work great both on stage and in studio conditions.


I would recommend!

Paweł Mąciwoda

member of the SCORPIONS group

Paweł Mąciwoda

Mietek Jurecki

"I can honestly recommend Red's Music guitar cables. They are legible, do not introduce additional interference, are resistant to the hardships of long-term use and ensure that they will not give up during the concert.


Depending on the type of cable on high-end apparatus, we can hear their sonic nuances.


Of course, I have many other cables and they also have their advantages, but recently I played almost all the concerts using "Red's Music" cables and I will also play their next concerts using their professional features. "


Mietek Jurecki

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